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MIKROALGAE The apothecary of the nature!
Respected guest! Please let me take you for a tour to the world of the algae, where you will learn how to treat your illnesses, and how to live healthy with the help of the mikroalgae. I can help you but in this case if you want!
„Let your medicine be your food, and let your food be your medicine!”

Hippokratesz the greek doctor knew it more than 2000 years before, that food means more than just assuring the infill of energy to us. Our running life, techno-smog, escape-gasses, plural charging, masses of family and work stress–factors are asserting more from us, as we think! Nutritional Institutes of data declares that since 1988, 90% less material is vital by the food we consume. 85% of the food are chemical, chemicals, poisons, ie. The result is that more and more ill, more we are weaker we are increasing the rate of obesity, and cancer rapidly breed diseases.

„The man is what he eats and drinks! The quality of our food determines the age of our cellulars”

Our feeding doesn’t keep step with it, contrarily! The agasp and eutrophic poor fast-fooding, our fast-food life-style, and the cheap and denaturated foods aren’t up to fill our inside vital-materials. The only effective treatment of these possible causes. Vital to properly feed our bodies, and to remove the accumulated toxins from it.

The resolution – MIKROALGAE „The god’s gift”
Petrol for the body – The powerhouse of our immunity-system- The medicate food.

The mikroalgaes are one of the oldest inlanders of the earth. In spite of the hard ages they treasured their original beauty and their biological value for the developed aerobes! Algae produces the 90 % of the oxigen-battery of our planet. They are the begetters of the world. The japanese and other asian people are consuming the most algas-this habit gained ground by us too int he last years. Algists are analysing for years how to clear up the feeding problems with mikroalgae-what are nowadays in circulate like menu-accessary. From the South and Central America, asian and oceanian aboriginal cultures setted a high value on the abilities of the mikroalga. They cultivated the Green Gold and they used it to elevate their life-force. Thet’s why a lot of folks concerned Mikroalgae with the name: „God’s gift” This is power equipment for body and soul, it means a lonely equipment of better health, vitality and more exhilaration. Algae is up to rescue your body easy and naturally from toxins, while it is alkalinizing our organism and gives them vitality. Because of that it can be a resolution againts health-impairments, what are caused of our civilization! This energy-equipment is glutted with vitamins, mineral–materials, trace-elements, enzims and there are 19 amino-acids in it, with the 8 essencial amino-acid!

New ways of departure - the rediscovery of the green gold

The one, what consists more than 4000 vital materials, what our organism needs! There isn’t any other plant or anime, what nears to this value. Also in the Aloe Vera are just 264 vital materials. Imbibition of algas is 90%- 95% (while the imbibition of the vitamins what are used nowadays is 3-15%, the imbibition of Aloe Vera is about 40%), fills us with alimentary substances. Does the important dexocitaion of our organism, and they do it without by-effects. Algae is the store-house of proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, trace-elements, essencial lipocytes and of mineral materials. For example in Japan the algaes can’t miss from menu cards – they treat it like traditional feed-completer.

The combination and effects of limnicole algae

The products of WELLSTAR GREEN GOLD are including two mikro and one makroalgae (the materials of nature what are the most saturated with vital materials). The combination of vital materials with perfect bionergy-carriers like Spirulina Platensis, Chlorella Vulgaris and Lithotamnium Calcareum are power-equipment for body and soul, and they are going before illnessess. WEELSTAR GREEN GOLD is the only product on the market which joins 3 kind of limnocine algae together. It’s 100% clear and because of it we can use it perfect in the reform – kitchen, in the vegetarian foods, in our daily feeding as spice, in mineral waters, in refreshers, and it is also perfect feed-completer and feed-carreer.

„The doctor treats, nature heals!”

It fixes our immune-system, disacidifies, detoxes, regenerals and refills the vital materials, and also energetises, it goes before and treats illnesses and could be good help in the diet. Mikroalgaes were used on he different places of the world to treat anemia. Blue algas have for example haemopoiteic and immune-system stabiliser effects, and use of that algae assists to cover the protein-needs of hard vegetarians. Green algae can be used like B12–vitamine equipment, what the people -which are following a hard vegetarian menu-could get other way just with vitamine-products. The algae–extract does his effects on cell-level, thanks to the more insaturated lipocytes (OMEGA-3, OMEGA-6, CLA), klorofil-derivatives, poliszacharids,sulafte-galactans, fukoidans, glucans, algins,lignins, fenol-combinations, enzyms, vegetable-steryns, vitamins, carotenoins, makro and mikrocells. The other vitamins, trace-elements are in other algae-concentrations, highest concentrations, a sin other foods. SPIRULINA Platensis - green power-equipment, has strong alkalinizing effect. CLORELLA vulgaris - is the bled from toxins, has the highest value klorofill-concent LITHOTHAMNIUM calcareum - build master, vegetarian kalcium-equipment.

What can these two superfoods do for our helath?

It has ongoing -stimulating effect, so it inspires the autotherapy function of the organism! Increased choosing – Productive detoxication - Alkalinizing - Better life quality! The Spirulina, Chlorella and Lithotamnium are extremely important for a healthy, complete nutrition. Beauty, vitality and vitality to sustain their contribution is not magic, but a complex composition is based. For consumption avoid and prevent the continuing deficiency and the resulting disease. Doctors, nature-therapeutists and bio-centrums are using it in the alternative healing-therapy. It’s the question of time and everything will be on your table.

Other information that you have to know:
The German Foodscience Corporation advises from algae-extract 3gr pro day. Therapeutisten are advising more from the extract, if they want to carry out for example injurious materials from organism, or to the treating of the illnesses. Advised: 4gr pro day from the algae-powder. 4 grams per day is a serious health problem if it is worth exceeded! (Dr. László Kerekes, acting on the advice.) Our cells need a lot of light-feed, so they need biofoton. The light-energy of mikroalga is more than tenfold of all the plants ont, he earth. That’s why people are calling mikroalga the light-feed of the XXI: century.
„Healthy life has to be reachable for all the people, for the poor ones too!” (Dr. Keywan Grashoff)
Protect yourself and loved ones! Find it out how! SOLUTION: THE STRENGTHENING OF THE IMMUNE SYSTEM Help our body to launch the self healing process in such a way that made alkaline, promote detoxification and back to replacing missing vital substances. Algae 1-1 cup in the morning and evening, this is perfectly self healing process starts. The rest is self-will:-) (Source: Dr. Peter Lerner internist)
How long shall I pick it? „As long as I like to eat and wanting to live!” If we understand, why we have to use mikroalgaes, than we can undesrtand it too, that until we are living, the nature will be polluted, the food and water will be full with toxins, so if we want good for us and for our mines, than it’s good if we pick it daily a life-long. (Source: Dr. László Kerekes)
"The algae has already been established 3.5 billion years. Everyone to decide what role for him in his life." Thank you for your interest. I hope you will join the ranks of algae consumers, and ORDER NOW! If you need more information, call!

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